Attracting Bees to Your Garden

I’m constantly asked about what plants should I grow to attract bees to my garden.  Visiting your local nursery is a great place to start and see all types of  bees in action.  What flowers are they attracted to and landing on.

Despite over 1500 native Australian bee species, they are disappearing from cities and towns which is concerning when we reflect on our primary school science facts that remind us bees are crucial in their role as pollinators for gardens and crops.

“Most of my customers, remember a time growing up when there were a lot more bees in our suburban streets. Environmental changes and the use of pesticides has unfortunately contributed to a major decline in the local bee population

Doug Purdie has written a beautiful book called the Bee Friendly Garden which encourages us to “think like a bee”.

This is such a wonderful read with amazing pictures to guide you in creating a bee friendly garden to save our little pollinaters demise.


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