Native Bees In Schools

Stingless native bees enable children to safely explore, engage, learn and experience close up the social behaviours of the bee, an awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment and the interdependence of living things.

As an added bonus the bees will pollinate the gardens and your school will be aiding the conservation of the native bee.  The keeping of stingless bees is easy and does not require any special expertise, equipment or license.

The hive needs to be located in shade, the bees will forage in the garden darting back and forth laden with pollen.

Currently, Sydney stingless bees have sold hives to schools, daycares, kindergartens, retirement villages and numerous backyard gardeners.

If you wish to inquire about suitability and enjoyment of the stingless bees you can contact me via email or mobile.

I look forward to discussing the possibility of working together in the future and educating the children of your school.