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Lovely…A Story About A Stingless Bee


Follow the journey of Lovely and discover the wonders and workings of our Australian native bees.

Melissa Ballantyne has been working with native bees only a relatively short time but her love and passion for the little bees has seen her create several native bee documentaries including one at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. When many Australians think of bees they think of the black and yellow striped variety. But there are other tiny warriors out there native to Australia. Now Melissa is on a mission to educate, inspire, excite and create awareness to the young and old about the importance and magic of Australian native bees.

Illustrator – Deanna Bresnehan Deanna is a freelance illustrator, with a number of published books and resources in Early Childhood Literacy. She has illustrated these beautiful Native Stingless Bee images using the mixed media of: pastels, watercolour, acrylic, and ink to capture the vivid colours, depth and detail.


5 reviews for Lovely…A Story About A Stingless Bee

  1. Robyn Gray

    Lovely is a story about an Australian native stingless bee, by the talented author Melissa Ballantyne and illustrated by Deanna Bresnehan. This picture book informs children about how incredible the native bee is. It provides facts that I, as an adult, am completely amazed by. Ballantyne does this in a fun and friendly manner that has my grandchildren spellbound, asking for the book to be read again and again.

    The story follows the life of a worker bee named Lovely as she shows us the ins and outs of life in the hive. With the clever placement of facts and figures and with the help of bright, beautiful and clear illustrations, Lovely shows children just how special and unique native bees are.

    After capturing readers’ hearts and minds with this touching and informative story, Ballantyne then reaches out directly to her readers by letting them know what they can do to help protect and preserve native bees. Ballantyne finishes with the inclusive question, “Have you seen Lovely in your garden?’ leaving readers thinking about this every time they step outside.

    As a former classroom teacher and librarian, I consider this book to be a wonderful resource to have in every classroom and a story to be enjoyed by the young and young at heart

    Robyn Gray

  2. admin

    A beautifully written and illustrated book! Written carefully so young minds can learn and appreciate these special creatures!

    Lovely and her friends will have you buzzing to read more ????

  3. admin

    Hi Melissa,

    Your lovely book arrived, and I read it with great pleasure. What a wonderfully informative book. I thought I knew a fair bit about native bees but I learned so much from this beautifully written and illustrated book. Who knew that bees flew backwards for their first flight!

    Well done you!

    Kind regards,
    Rebecca Johnson- Author

  4. admin

    Lovely..A story about a stingless bee is a fun book that teaches children about Australian native stingless bees and the importance of these amazing pollinators.
    The author, Melissa Ballantyne, seamlessly weaves Lovely’s adventures with interesting facts and thoughtful questions to engage children’s minds, while Deanna Bresenhan captures their hearts with her beautifully detailed illustrations.
    The little stingless bee, Lovely, encourages children to connect with nature and inspires us to play our part in helping native bees.
    A must-read for young and old.
    Miranda Sharples

  5. Cecilia Wallis

    We purchased this book for our preschool with our stingless beehive last year and the book has been such a wonderful resource for the educators to share with the children as we learn all about these fascinating little creatures.

    The book is not only a lovely story, but full of interesting facts and beautiful illustrations. We have learned so much through the book Lovely.. A Story About A Stingless Bee and it has become a firm favourite at our preschool. We often take it outside to read while we sit and observe our beehive and wonder with the children what our “Lovely” might be up to!

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