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Star Picket Stand & Pitched Roof Combo


Galvanized steel stand and pitched roof combo. Designed and made to fit Sydney Stingless bee hives lifting the hive safely and securely of the ground teamed with a pitch roof to provide protection from the sun and rain. The galvanized steel stand can be attached to a star picket of any length.  A perfect solution for farmers and gardeners to raise their hives .

Star picket and hive not included.


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1 review for Star Picket Stand & Pitched Roof Combo

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    I bought my hive about 3 years ago and now my garden is established so I need to raise the height of the hive because the surrounding plants are getting taller. This bracket is custom-made and fits perfectly to the hive and is well secured with a star-shaped steel fence post. It is now blending into my bushy garden.


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