Location, Location, Location

The most frequently asked question and the most important question.

” Where is the best location for my native bees?”

Sydney stingless bees recommends  complete shade for nine months of the year.  A hot day can kill your hive.  As winter approaches you can move your hive 1 meter only to receive morning sun till 10.30 am.  The morning sun allows the bees to forage a little earlier, I also provide a styrofoam box for extra insulation for the winter period.  When winter is over the hive needs to be moved back to the original position.

Good positions for your hive are on your deck, under your verandah or house, or a shady nook in your garden. Adding a roof or positioning your hive in a crate shelter are other great options . You can place your hive on top of a paver in your garden so that leaves and dirt dont accumulate and  block the entrance .

Little black ants dont hurt or effect your hive they are just looking for a cool place to lay their eggs.  Spider webs need to be kept clear of the bees flight path.




star picket & roof combocrate shelter treehive under bridgeBee Hive Pitched Roof



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