North Arm Yandina school Wins a New Bee Hive through Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

The day dawned, sunny and fresh, on the day our bee hive was coming!

We had shown true North Arm spirit and determination and mailed our competition entries on time, and with pictures!

We won the judges over, and a beautiful Sydney Stingless bee hive arrived this week. It sits proudly aloft in a sheltered spot, a short bees flight to our kitchen garden. With its matching roof, it looks so right there.

All of a sudden the caps came off and we had 5000 Tetragonula carbonaria friends in the flowers!

Now I thought I’d seen a lot of fauna, and a tonne of flora as a garden specialist, but native stingless bees, they are a whole other world. The school agreed to purchase some amazing books on the subject, and there is fascinating new knowledge on every page.

Melissa from Sydney Stingless bees did two information sessions with grade 4, and blew us away with the generosity of the prize she has donated.
Thanks so much to you all, at the Stephanie Alexander team.

Here’s to pollination, bees, flowers and kitchen gardens.

Garden specialist
North Arm state school


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