Australian native bee book by Tim Heard


The Australian Native Bee Book by Tim Heard is a complete guide to keeping Australian native stingless bees. These captivating and useful insects are the subject of a new wave of beekeeping interest. Based on Tim Heard’s successful workshops, this book starts with the general biology of bees and finishes with practical details on keeping them.

The Australian Native Bee book is richly illustrated with over 400 photo, drawings and charts to aid your learning. This guide features:

Bee biology, behaviour, nesting, social life and foraging
How to build your own native bee hive
How to transfer a bee colony to a hive box and propagate hives
All about sugar bag honey, including how to extract it from hives
Managing your hive, including identifying and dealing with pests
Using stingless bees for pollination – from small gardens to commercial crops
A complete list of Australia’s stingless bee species an their details.




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